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5 Essential Must Haves for your E-commerce Website

Every business man has a dream of getting his business to the top. For your business to dominate the market, a proper website is required because social media buttons, customer reviews, product pages are an integral aspect for your business to move further.

There are a lot of uses of E-commerce Website Building. First, the products are available to the customer all time which will help you to reach out to customers and identify potential customers. Secondly, this also helps to improve your website by letting them comment about the products where you can consider these and work on them. This will help you to improve and also ensures the customer that you have taken in suggestions and are working on them. If there are so many uses to an e-commerce website then the appearance and essentials play a vital role in your business.

E-Commerce Website Building

Here we provide you with the 5 most essential haves for your e-commerce website

Essential No.1: Provide a guest check out.

Most of the sales drop due to guest checkouts. Guest checkouts happen when the customers are not sure about buying the product or they do not know whether they can trust your website for quality products. So, have a guest checkout if you have to increase sales.

Essential No.2: Product details.

When you are selling a certain product, they should know the product details. The product details are to be specified mandatorily because the customer must have an idea about what they are purchasing. In the product details, the details have to be specific and straight. Unnecessary details should not be included. Make sure you mention details which are important and relevant. After all this, depending on the cost and the specifics the item proceeds to checkout.

Essential No.3: Similar products.

When they buy a certain product and look into those details, they might want to buy more of that sort. So, to make their work easier, suggestion of similar products must be displayed. Moreover, studies show that this mechanism occupies about 10-30% of the total revenue. This can be done either by including similar products at the bottom of the page or by sending them a mail after they have purchased that particular product. 

Essential No.4: Don’t forget to include an “Add to Cart” button.

This serves as the ultimatum of your whole e-commerce business. If your customer has added it into your cart, chances that they will purchase it are really high. Make the button conspicuous and add a colour to it, preferably red because according to study it invokes urgency. So, NEVER forget to add the add to cart button under any circumstances.

Essential No.5: The methods of payment used.

Now, there are some customers who would not like to pay or purchase if they see that they don’t have the payment method they are looking for. So, to satisfy customers do have all kinds of payment like credit/debit card and also cash on delivery.

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