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How To Combine Email and Facebook For a Dynamite Ecommerce Marketing Campaign

#Indirect Email marketing tool….

Facebook and Email might be two different forms of communication but both are effective marketing tools and they work the best when you create a hybrid of both.

Facebook is a flatform to address and connect with mass audience and when it comes to   Email,   you are using a communication channel that is more focussed and personal.

There are different ways to integrate the both flatforms:

  1. Get sign-up on Facebook:

Now-a –days one can earn sign-ups fo emails via facebook ads. All you need to setup an ad in facebook with content, images and CTA’s and launch custom audience ad on facebook requesting your fans/followers to sign up. Make sure that the content should be compel people to sign-up by including some give aways.

Send more emails via social network:

You can call this mix of email marketing and social media as an ‘indirect email marketing’ tool. For an instance- when you subscribe to any facebook group, and since your primary email account is registered with facebook you start receiving regular emails generated from the activities inside the group.

Analytic Integration:

Through this type of amalgamation, you can use the channels to draw up analytics from both sides. Creating two equal standard values can help in comparing performance on both platforms.

For example: lets say that 1 subscriber to email is equal to 10 followers in facebook from ths one can fid out which medium is working better.

Channel Integration:

For channel integration,your goal is to drive traffic on both platforms. While you need people to share and repost your content on facebook, you also need them to sign up for your monthly newsletter via email.

Retarget your subscriber’s on social media:

You can run a retargeting ads to your email subscribers on facebook. This is one of the most effective online marketing trick. By running ads on social media with targeted ads, it is sure to hit gold by matching its interest with the target audiences.

All you need to do is to create a target email campaign for email subscribers and then retarget the one who clicks it and delete the non-responsive recepients.

Social media is a perfect platform to run your ads as it is cost effective and gives more brand visibility.



Let me know in the comments if these tactics worked for you, or if you have any additional strategies for email and social success!!!



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