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How To Do Keyword Research??

Keyword: A keyword is a word or phrase which serves as a key in search engine.

Keyword Research: Is that where people use keywords to find and research actual search terms in search engines.  In other words, it is the practise of identifying which phrases are used on search engines.

Keyword research has important role in marketing field and in other sectors too as it act as road map in making and developing market by focusing on the target.

It helps in mapping which sector has more potential or exposure, how and what sort of actions can be taken.

For keyword research following steps should be taken into account.

  1. Make a list of relevant and important topic that is important to your business.

This will help in expanding your business as it comes up with bucket of topics that are important for your marketing.


  1. Enter related or specific keywords from topic bucket.

It refers to keyword phrases you think are important to rank for in the search engine results pages (SERP) because your target customers searching those specific terms.

For Example: If I took that last topic bucket for a shoe brand then I would think keyword phrases would be

  • Best shoe brands
  • Name of shoe brands
  • Which shoe brand company offers variations in respect to varieties, colour, prices etc?


  1. Research related topic terms.

This will help in getting other related keywords which further helps in finding perfect things also helps in things you may want to take into consideration.

For this will definitely help you as it show various related Google results when you type keywords.


  1. Combination of head terms & long tail terms in each bucket.

Let me tell you what head terms & long tail terms meant…

Head term: Head terms are short and generic keyword phrases generally one or three words in length.

Long tail terms: Long tail terms are long keyword phrases usually three or more words.

Combination of both gives you keyword strategy for long term goals and short term wins.

For Example:  what is content marketing? (Long tail term)

                           Content marketing (Head term)

Search depends on how specific your research is. It is a mix, a haul, sometimes head term wins and sometimes long tail wins and combination of both works well.



  1. Have a look how competitors rank keywords.

If your competitors are ranking certain keywords that are on your list too then you are on right path also don’t ignore the keywords that are not on their list, add them in your list and it will help you to go a mile.


  1. Use the Google Ad words keyword planner or Google trends to minimise your keyword research list.

Google Ad words keyword planner & Google trends helps in filling blanks.

Google trend helps in determining trending terms.


Hope these tricks will help you to do keyword research.

Everyone has their own ideas & ways to the same so if you have any suggestions or want to add more ideas can comment in box below.

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