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Top Features Offered by Magento for E-Commerce Websites

As E-commerce is rapidly gaining its importance in the world of business, various software for specific kind of work are available that make your Ecommerce site’s functioning easy. Magento is one such software that allows user to install software on their server and is a free open-source eCommerce solution for online retail stores. Described below are some of the features that will help you to understand about Magento better:

E-Commerce Website Development

1) Customization:

Unlike other ecommerce software, Magento offers total customization of extensions and plugins! You can use Magento and edit its features according to suitability of the business which makes it a go-to solution if you are looking to create an ecommerce store that is totally unique with features of your own!

2) Site Management:

Within a single installation.Magento offers complete management of your ecommerce store which allows integration between third party apps and Magento, tax rates according to location and rates, such features makes your work much smoother and accurate! You can manage the complete ecommerce site from your admin panel and need to share only required information which gives you great control over the site!

3) Checkout

Checkout has to be the most crucial part of the ecommerce site as the buyer needs a payment option which is quick and easy with security and comfort! Magento has all these qualities and in addition to that features like shipping to multiple orders and one page checkout makes these tasks really smooth and user friendly!

4) Analytics

To assure that the strategies are working and the business is heading towards growth, tracking the analytics of the company is extremely important. Magento keeps in full control of the analytics by linking it with Google Analytics as well as keeps you updates with sales & tax report which makes it easier for you to know where the business needs to improve and which techniques are working well for the company! Being in control of the analytics and monitoring them keep you in touch with the flow of the business and allows you to take wiser decisions for the company.

5)Mobile Friendly site

As the world is moving on phone, Magento allows you to create a mobile friendly version of your ecommerce site which allows you to reach the audience on a wider range! This not only increases the chances of more sale but Magento provides features like user-friendly product display and linking it with HTML5 which makes your site mobile friendly !

Thus Magento is 360 degree solution software which provides various tool of specific usability which truly makes your ecommerce site worth visiting and shopping from. Magento allows linking with sites such as Google for analytics and Paypal for payment which builds trust among the site of the clients to regain trust in your brand. Magento along with its feature is extremely easy and quick to use which makes it a must have for every business operating through ecommerce as the build in features are very useful and simple to execute!

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