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What are Some E-Commerce Strategies?

More than one billion people in the last year have bought e-commerce directly through an online site. And, the number is still increasing in 2019. Magento, woo-commerce, Shopify, big-commerce are such names which offer you an eye-catching online e-commerce service. And, the number of several other service providers are increasing. However, faced with this competition, how can an SME increase its share of the e-commerce market? Simple. For that, you need to hire the best e-commerce website designing company in India. And, follow these five tips which will help you increase sales by e-commerce. 

e-commerce website designing company


Use Shopping Campaigns in Google Ad-Words

Ad-words is a powerful tool to reach an audience that physically cannot go to your store or, they do not want to waste time on the move. But Google Ad-words has a special tool for e-commerce – Shopping campaigns. Users can see images of the products. With which they can be more attractive to the products, and you obtain a greater number of sales. The Shopping also allows you to link to the product feed. Great, is not it? So what are you still waiting for? Yes, your business needs it. Call the E-Commerce Website Designing Company today. 

Here is an example of a campaign that you can configure:

  • Send an email automatically after 6 hours « [name], have you forgotten something? »
  • Send an email automatically after 4 days «We still have your chosen products». In this email, Jilt can automatically generate a discount of 15%.


Re-marketing for your audience

Did you notice when you see ads related to pages you had visited? It’s no coincidence, it’s remarketing. A very effective strategy because it allows advertisers to advertise only on people who have visited your site, so advertising costs go down. You can create remarketing tags for products, for people who leave the shopping cart and, even for those who already bought! 

Be competitive

Have you searched for a product on the internet and found it expensive? Did you look for another store? If you do it, why not your users? On the internet, it must be competitive and, maybe not have the cheapest price, but never, never – and for the third time ever – you must have a cost outside the market. This will help your audience to come back at your e-commerce. 

Allow Guest Checkout

Forcing a user to do something they do not want will cause you major harm. And with a growing culture of data privatization, it is more lethal. So, how do you make users end their sales? Use the guest checkout. That is, you can buy without having to register, although of course, they will have to give their pay pal or billing information. This kind of E-Commerce Website Designing allows users to choose if they want to register and be part of your database or not.

If you want to know more about the e-commerce website, you can call the Brand Fabricator experts right now. Or, visit their website for more details. Get your strategies to modulate by them. 


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