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Which Technology is Best for E-Commerce Website Development?

Since the creation of the first website, companies have been using the internet and, wireless communications to transform business. In this way, trade virtualization can be considered the major retail revolution in recent times. According to a Google survey, e-commerce should double its share of retail revenue by 2021, growing at about 12.4% a year. With so many expectations, innovation in the industry does not stop. There are always new trends in technology for e-commerce website designing company moving the world of consumption. Let’s get to know some news and understand why they will be increasingly essential for the success of your online store!

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Chat bots and artificial intelligence

One of the most promising applications of artificial intelligence is in the area of ​​chat robots, also known in the market as chat bots. They enable automated communication with the customer and, since well-managed, have great potential to streamline e-commerce service operations. The analysis of each chat bot-client interaction can also take into account the relevance of the client to the company, through integration with the company’s management systems.

Voice search

Artificial intelligence communication should be based on voice search, an increasingly popular feature in Internet applications. It’s as if you’re personal Google assistant was integrated with your e-commerce preferably, streamlining the entire buying process. The Omni channel perspective considers that all channels of a company should be used, at the same time, to sustain the purchasing process in the way that is most convenient for the customer.

Mobile first

Did you know that we already have more cell phones than people in the world?  The impact on e-commerce does not escape movement. Thus, the concept of mobile first increasingly advances: a prerogative of mobile always in the first place, so that the sales and relationship platforms are projected with greater focus in this segment. Therefore, it is very important to check the quality of the experience of buying your e-commerce through the cell phone, making the necessary adaptations to not lose any customers in the next years. For the mobile responsive e-commerce website, you can consult with the E-commerce website designing company in Delhi.

Block chain

The block chain is a distributed database of records of all transactions or digital events that have been executed and shared between the participating parties. It is as if it were an accounting book, in which each of the recorded interactions is verified and approved by consensus by the majority of participants in the system. As there are thousands of people looking at transaction logs, it is very difficult for criminals to find viable ways to circumvent the block chain.

Big Data

In the information age, data management is not an activity at all for companies and governments – it is a question of survival. Digital businesses need to be able to extract relevant knowledge from a large amount of information, which will always ensure more sales, efficient services, cost savings and satisfied customers. They consider that the volume of information in the world has grown so much that the quantity examined no longer fits into the processing memory of computers.

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