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7 Link Building Strategies for High Organic Traffic in 2018

Gone are the days when link building or back linking was way too easy that it could be even done by a person unaware to this concept of link building. Since the launch of Google Penguin Algorithm, definition and working of back linking has changed entirely. Earlier building links were easy as the quality of content submitted to article directories didn’t matter much, but now content is what’s been given major attention to when it comes to back linking. Now back linking is no more an easy task to do. It has now become the task of utmost importance in the field of Online Marketing and should be done by the skilled.


7 Link Building Strategies for High Organic Traffic in 2018

Here are a few strategies that can help in building links and fetch you organic traffic for your website:


1. High Quality Content- It’s now the content that holds the utmost importance for building a great presence online. High quality articles help you attract genuine and organic viewers for your website. The content which is organically linked to your website will help you increase your Google ranking and increase your visibility.


2. Guest Blogging- Another good way of connecting with people having great social presence. Great blogging with other people who are into something that goes well with your business/blog again helps you increase your visibility. It also helps you in building a relationship with people who are doing something similar to you.


3. Directory Submission- Submitting your high quality and plagiarism free articles or blogs to article directories. It again serves as another good source of backlinking.


4. Relevant Content- Write content that’s relevant content that goes with your theme is what that’s going to fetch you a good number of organic viewers.


5. Connecting With Bloggers- Connect with bloggers or websites who produce content that perfectly goes with the theme of your product or services. Link your website with their blogs.


6. Attractive Videos- What comes into the notice of people visually attracts more attention of people. Therefore linking your website with attractive and relevant videos again fetches a lot of organic viewers.


7. Info Graphics- Creative graphics grab a lot of attention. Recently graphics have become one of the strongest pillars of DIGITAL MARKETING. Make it a part of your DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY and see the wonders happening to the visibility of your website.


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